Engineering and maintenance services:
  • Remote-controlled Robots:
    Arrow Ecology developed a unique hydraulic robot, which removes sludge, and sediments from closed, complex industrial structures as cooling towers, holding pools, lagoons, tanks and water bodies.
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  • Mobile Thermal treatment installation:
    A mobile unit for the treatment of ecological disasters. This installation was used in the Exxon Valdez disaster and it is capable of treating about 10 tons per hour of hazardous materials. Can be positioned at the site within 72 hours.
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  • Mobile unit for treating wastewater – “HANAH”:
    Arrow Ecology developed a unique mobile system for the treatment of inorganic wastewater. It can be positioned at the site within one hour and treat about 240 cubic meters per day. It is based on Physico-Chemical methods and can handle effectively ecological disasters and the results of industrial chemical processes.
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  • Recovering crude oil tanks:
    Recovering crude oil tanks through hydrothermal techniques by connecting to the existing pipes with no need for changes. This treatment will enlarge the operating volumes in a very short period (about 14 days). It is possible to achieve “gas free” conditions.
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  • Asbestos treatment and purification:
    Cleaning and treating systems that are Asbestos contaminated to achieve safety standards.
  • Pumps for industrial use:
    The company owns and operates:
    • High-pressure pumps (up to 1000 atmospheres).
    • Pumps capable of 10 – 2000 cubic meter/hour.
    • Integrated mobile tankers for pressure and vacuum.
    • Mobile systems for filter press and Vacuum drum.
    • Blocking for all existing pipes.
    Our company is experienced in maintenance for plants in many different industries.